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Some minor updates made to Konvention


Trying to insert some data into Konvention today was great practice, and an eye-opener in regards to the use-case of the app. Number of clicks was relatively high (even taking into account that I know where everything is), so I’ll have to work on that soon. There were also some problems with Yii showing errors it shouldn’t (mysql errors, etc) — so I fixed that up.

I added a bunch of Python best practices from some recent pages I ran across, also added a “Hide All” button to the recent activity page, and fixed up the snippet part of best practice submission.

The app seems to be working great, and I even got around to speeding up the page load a tiny bit by moving the JS includes to the bottom of the body without losing any functionality (~366ms -> ~350ms)

There are still a LOT of optimizations that could be made (compression, combining CSS/JS into some sort of action-based combine method), but for now the page loads up lightning fast so I don’t feel like I have to worry too much quite yet (still under non-existant to miniscule load).

Also considering going back to make the route table fully customized (I really like the idea of knowing every exact way a user can access the site)

Overall, a great couple hours.