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Breaking stuff in production


Well, somehow with all the testing I did on the local build, a part of the code I haven’t given thought to for weeks has broken everything in production!Luckily I was able to find the problem, but there is no doubt that a lot of people visited the site and nothing worked as it was supposed to. For that, I apologize. The ease of using the demo account and registering/using the service was something I prided myself on, but I totally failed at that with the 0.1 release. I’ve since corrected the mistake and asked people to revisit, and I hope they do, to at least try the service.

So others might learn from my mistake — Using expressjs’s content-body limiting feature will limit not only the upload size but the whole request :< The offending line looked something like this: app.use(express.limit(‘50kb’)); I also received a suggestion to open source the project. This is totally valid, and given the simplicity of the project in all, I think it’d be a good thing to open source, but I’m still a little enthused about playing SaaS guy to a closed-source project. Open sourcing configr seems like a reasonable thing to do, and it’s definitely on the platter, but I’ll need to take a tour around the codebase and remove some sensitive stuff (and some curse words, haha), and maybe API-ize some of the functions. I think I’ve written some gnarly looking deeply nested nodejs code.