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So today, I ran into a problem that I’m pretty surprised that I haven’t run into before.

Using Org-Mode in Emacs, I was unable to use the keybinding for insert-heading to insert a new heading. The keybinding is M- but for some reason, when I pressed those magical keys, no new heading was created, just an indented newline.

These changes lead me to making some modifications to the ~/.Xdefaults file in my home directory, which I thought would be the perfect thing to save up on configr. So I did.

The app definitely still has a long way to go, and forcing myself to use it (and note all of it’s shortcomings) is a very good way (I’ve found) to motivate myself to work on it. Riiiight after I make M- work like it’s supposed to.

Just in case you want to take a look: