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Introducing Loltrove


It's been a while since this was posted...

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Recently I’ve been lazily working on a project I call “loltrove”. It’s taken me a long time to complete it (mostly because of lack of work), but I really wanted a chance to work on seeing how AngularJS and all the good ‘ol web technology I know and love could be used to create a semi-useful and possibly completely useless chrome extension.

As browsers grow as a platform (and especially chrome), I think that extensions are extremely important, and getting my hands dirty writing one seemed like a good way to familiarize myself.

The problem I sought out to solve is removing friction from posting GIFs on the internet. No, not world hunger, but I think as GIFs also seeing more mainstream adoption, more people are going to want to easily share and save them.

As you can imagine it was VERY DIFFICULT to work on a project that is almost all about enabling people to waste more time on the internet. I don’t think it came out too badly, and is usable, which is good news (and a load off my back).

This project was build with Sinatra, AngularJS (front end/client stuff), and RethinkDB. As always, RethinkDB was a blast to work with, making facilitating schema changes and working with the database super easy/fun!

Please tell me what you think of loltrove!

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