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Building Apps for FirefoxOS


It's been a while since this was posted...

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I recently swapped my Samsung Galaxy S4 for a FirefoxOS Flame (developer reference phone) — a move many non-tech (and some tech friends) don’t understand. I did it because I believe in Mozilla, what they stand for, and I think that the convergence on web as the most effective platform for delivering apps has a lot of potential.

That said, I’ve been working on many side projects lately, one of those being a FirefoxOS application.

The application I’m developing is called VCFPorter, and it’s for transporting (“porting”) VCF files (and the contacts therein) to FirefoxOS. There are a few apps that do it currently, but they rely on specific versions of the VCF format, I wanted to build something that supports 2.1 through 4.0 support, and generally does the “right thing”.

In building this app, I’m using some new technology that I’m pretty excited about:

  1. EmberJS

  2. LocalForage

  3. EmberData

  4. Handlebars (while I’ve used this on other projects, it’s been generally “handlebars-style” templating, not handlebars proper).

Hopefully I can share the project with everyone soon (when it’s done/showable) and get all my contacts transferred so I can know who is calling/texting when I receive calls/texts.

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