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Merry Go Form


It’s 2014, who’s still writing javascript plugins in vanilla javascript? I am!

One of the projects I’m proud to have released over teh weekend is called Merry Go Form, a javascript plugin for carousel based forms.

The idea behind the project was that long tedious forms could be broken up into different context-aware “slides”, and it would be easier for people to fill out long forms.

I worked on Merry Go Form with some friends, and it was a great experience, we went for all the modern conveniences of development (Grunt, automated unit and acceptance tests), but constrained ourselves to writing very very basic (and thus cross-browser compatible) javascript.

The project was hosted on Bitbucket because I think it deserves more press/attention. That might end up being harmful to the project in the future (lack of exposure), but I think it’s worth the risk. Github seems to be holding a monopoly on open-source software, which I don’t think is good.

Check it out @