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Keep calm and watch Javascript churn


A thought-provoking (as much as it is revealing/elucidating) article was posted on HN recently (The State of Javascript in 2015) and I can’t resist dropping my own opinion into the fray.

This post was going to be a comment on the hackernews discussion, but I figured I would make it a blog post since I think it’s a thought worth writing down.

Iteration produces/necessitates churn.

Web/Javascript development is one of the most (if not the most) active areas of consumer-facing programming today, and we have unprecedented access to the software crafting processes of others. With sites like Github, ideals like agile development, and the F/OSS movement, programmers and their creations have never seen so much open access to each other.

Large portions of what we think we know is iterating, because it is relatively young. I say keep calm and watch it churn.

Experienced/smart/lazy (read: good) developers will find the combination of frameworks and libraries that produce the most desirable balance of trade-offs, and they will stick with it. Things will change around them, as they always do, and that good developer must decide, as any craftsman must, when to change and when to hold fast.

Something will rise from the noise, and when it does, it will be worth it.