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VCFPorter v1.2 Release!


It's been a while since this was posted...

Hopefully the information in here is useful to you (if it isn't please get in touch!).
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Version 1.2 is officially out!

After a bad review by user regis on Firefox marketplace, I set off to attempt and find and fix the issues that was causing VCFPorter to crash. Since the issue happened when importing VCFs from ownCloud (a use-case I definitely didn’t see coming), I looked into OwnCloud’s VCF files and what their basic included fields looked like. They were more involved than I was expecting, and so some of the field generated errors in the parsing code from v1.1. As such, this release is mainly a bugfix release (as possibly every release will be :))


  • Complete more of the VCF spec properly, added support for the following VCARD fields:
    • REV
    • NOTE
    • UID
    • BDAY
    • LABEL
    • PRODID
    • CLASS
  • Added basic deploy instructions to README

While this version is a step in the right direction, I still need to flush out the following things:

  1. Add proper unit tests and cover the ownCloud VCF fixtures(!!!)
  2. Add some sort of error support screen for the parser with the option to email issue error message to creator (me)
  3. Properly implement the complete VCF spec

There’s still a lot todo, but as I am tied up with some other projects, I may take a little bit to get these issues properly fixed.

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