Ansible Is Awesome

Ansible is just the tool I was looking for, for my current level of ops mastery.


14 minute read

tl;dr - There are lots of ways to get smarter about how you deploy. Ansible is one choice, it’s not the fanciest, but it’s amazing. NOTE This is not an introduction to ansible, please check out their official documentation if you want that. For most of my projects, I use a GNU Make Makefile based build process. I do that because it’s cross-platform, pretty well suppported/known (for people who build software), and easy to standardize on no matter what project I’m working on.

Installing Python On CoreOS with Ansible (to enable Ansible)

How to set up Python on CoreOS from an Ansible playbook, for use with Ansible


8 minute read

tl;dr - Undestand & use the short Ansible playbook at the bottom of this post UPDATE end_play is broken in the latest version of Ansible 2.3, more details at the end of the blog post I have a bunch of posts that are backlogged (raw versions written but not pulled together & edited in anyway), but I’m going to skip the queue to get this post I think is highly useful out.