3 minute read

tldr; I wrote a small script in python to use alsa command line tools to change the volume on my headset. A tool already exists that if faster and more robust. I should switch, but will I? who knows :). I own and (mostly) happily use a Logitech G930:

While the support under linux is pretty good already (most buttons work, and perform their intended functions), I recently got fed up with the fact that the little scroll wheel on the G930 wasn’t actually changing the volume.


5 minute read

When I first set up my current desktop, I spent some time looking around for a new linux distribution to choose and try out. At the time I was impressed with the look and UX of Linux Mint, and decided to give it a try. At that time (I think this is no longer true), Linux Mint couldn’t do kernel updates in-place (you had to re-install the entire OS from LiveCD).


9 minute read

Welcome to first (of hopefully many) entries about my adventures using Arch Linux, which will most likely consist of me breaking things, then looking at documentation, then reading guides, then fixing the things I broke. Lots of things happened today (they’re going to be subjects of other blog posts), but one thing I just got through doing was creating a swap file for suspend-to-disk (hibernate) to use. Long story short, my phone died, and inbetween getting getting another one, my new laptop (which I like a lot) is going to be the only way I can keep in contact with people.