6 minute read

tl;dr – If you have a single package with lots of files, but want separate ginkgo suites, create packages for your tests and you can write your Ginkgo suites in those packages instead, and get beautiful isolation and nice orderly test-run output. UPDATE – Looks like putting suites in their own packages has a negative effect — it messes up coverage numbers, and makes running ginkgo (with -r and –cover) fail due to Go not finding buildable Go source files.


2 minute read

The next project in the pipeline is CasGo, an SSO server implementing the CAS protocol developed at Yale. I decided to do this project in Go, as I didn’t have any large projects in Go yet, and have been reading a lot of literature and watching lots of videos about it. It seems to be fast becoming the perfect bridge between scripting and more traditional languages, perfect for use in lots of devops environments, and high performance/flexibility low-verbosity areas.