• Trying (and failing) to get LXD running on Container Linux

    tl;dr - I tried to get LXD working on Container Linux but stopped short. Maybe if anyone picks it up (assuming the lxd team doesn’t tackle it eventually), they can learn from my failed effort. I’ve recently gotten pretty excited about the concept of running higher isolation paradigms (VMs, LXD) in my cluster for larger untrusted workloads. A lot of interest in those concepts has been generated by the idea in the back of my head of building (or at least figuring out how I would build) a system that could spin up mini Kubernetes clusters – like an EKS/AKS/GKE, but easily self-hostable.

  • Trying And Failing To Expand Servant Cookie-Based Auth With Roles

    tl/dr; I tried to expand the cookie-based auth I implemented in servant and failed. While I’ll probably try again some other day, for now I just resorted to writing functions to get the functions for a user and do checking directly in my handlers Here’s the tale of how I tried to add Role checking (based on my application’s defined Role type) to my servant app, and ran into a few issues and things I didn’t understand and ultimately failed.

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