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Announcing Maille 0.1.1

Mithril logo + JS logo

tl;dr - I made a component library for Mithril called Maille – if you’re into Mithril, check it out!

There comes a time in a young front end developer’s life when they feel the need to make yet another front end framework. In my case that time is now, and the frontend framework isn’t so much a framework as it is a component library for an existing component library called Mithril. The logo is pretty spiffy (with some help from more visually minded friends I got to something I didn’t hate):

Maille Logo

The library was enjoyable to write, and it was fun to work my way around some approximation of what writing component libraries is like. I’ll likely be working on it long into the future getting it up to snuff with other excellent libraries like Element UI that exist for Vue (BTW I also tried this once with vue and produced the abandoned codebase that is vue-component-library).

A few cool things about the library:

  • The library can be used without compilation (via maille.min.js)
  • Pieces of the library can be used seperately (so you could import maille.<component>.min.js)
  • The main page is hosted with Gitlab Pages (Check out the code repository’s gitlab-ci.yml for details!)
  • Typescript (if you’re into that sort of thing) – though this is somewhat different from how people normally write Mithril (according to the feedback from the Mithril.js Gitter)
  • Mithril uses CSS Variables for allowing some flexibility with theming and styling

Here are some example components from maille: