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Haskell build issues on Arch Linux (tinfo6)


Over the last month or two, I’ve had some unexpected/weird problems building my Haskell projects on Linux – all of a sudden the project would fail to compile fairly innocuous requirements (that had up until that time compiled just fine) and I was very confused. It turns out a change to how the `

Thanks to some users on Github (mkoloberdin offered the workaround and pera noted the commit that likely caused the issue), figured out a fix that seems more permanent. The github issue in which the problem is being discussed has the workaround mkoloberdin provided.

Based on the annoucement for Stack 1.6.1, this problem might be fixed, looking at one of the release notes:

When auto-detecting –ghc-build, tinfo6 is now preferred over standard if both versions of libtinfo are installed

Since I used fix from the github comment I haven’t really needed to check whether the problem is fixed on Stack 1.6.1 but it might be.