• A Pattern For Component Based Program Architecture In Rust

    tl;dr - I explore the component pattern and how I’ve gone about implementing it in rust, starting with the basic concept of the Component trait and going through to thread-per-component for parallel operation, and message-passing for communication. Skip to a a full working example @ the rust-component-pattern-example example repo. UPDATE (07/23/2018) After some great reddit feedback on some bits of the code that were confusing, I've added a section on how I addressed some of the issues along with committing some code to the example repo, please check it out!

  • Even faster rust builds in Gitlab CI

    tl;dr - I applied a few patterns I’ve used on other projects to a Gitlab CI-powered rust project to achieve <2min builds. Basically just caching at different layers – caching via the docker image builder pattern at the docker level, aggressive caching with Gitlab CI at the CI runner level, also one more step of combining some build steps (probably unnecessarily). I recently became a proud rustacean, which is what developers who use the programming language rust call themselves.

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