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A couple talks on Postgres and Gitlab (June 2019)


tl;dr - I gave two short talks to different audiences on awesome things you can do with Postgres and how you can use containers with GitLab. You can find all of thses on my talk repo or read them below.

I recently gave a couple talks, one at the Tokyo Tech Meetup and another at the Gitlab JP (this one is in japanese, so you may need to bone up on your 日本語) which I thought a wider audience might find interesting. They’re pretty basic talks but I did get better at using pandoc and beamer so the slides look a little bit more interesting!

Postgres: Just Use Postgres

This was a really fun talk to give – I’ve wanted to give a similar talk about all the cool things you can do with Postgres for a while. It’s not anywhere near as useful as the various talks that show up at the worldwide Postgres conferences, but it should be interesting for those who are a little less familiar with Postgres. You probably definitely shouldn’t do some of the things in the slide set, but you could and you’d probably get “good enough” performance for quite a while.

View the full slides below:

NOTE: if <embed> tags don’t work in your browser of choice, you may need to download the talk instead.

There is also an even more condensed version of the talk which is the one I really gave since I was really worried I would go over on time (I went over on time). If you want the real thing, check out the full length intended talk.

GitLab: Using GitLab CI to easily develop with containers

GitLab is one of the most underrated development tools out there and I love getting a chance to talk about it and try to convince other people to use it. It makes working with containers extremely convenient, and I’ve found that every other CI system I’ve used is much more difficult to use and very often less well documented. Previous clients and companies I’ve worked at have used CircleCI, TravisCI, AppVeyor, and Jenkins to name a few. Never mind the fact that the GitLab test runner is completely open source (runner documentation is also online), so it’s very easy to run locally (you can trivially hook up an instance running on your laptop to, for example!

View the full slides (in Japanese) below:

NOTE: if <embed> tags don’t work in your browser of choice, you may need to download the talk instead.