Using Both Integrated And Discrete Graphics Cards

Setting up Arch Linux to use both integrated (on-board, Intel) and discrete GFX (Radeon) cards.


15 minute read

tldr; Lots of trial and error with Xorg, and some BIOS setting finangling and I got my computer to use both the onboard GFX and discrete graphics card to output video. Skip to the end for the boiled down list of steps and links that helped along the way.

Haskell build issues on Arch Linux (tinfo6)

Some notes on issues I was having building haskell projects on Arch Linux


1 minute read

Over the last month or two, I’ve had some unexpected/weird problems building my Haskell projects on Linux – all of a sudden the project would fail to compile fairly innocuous requirements (that had up until that time compiled just fine) and I was very confused. It turns out a change to how the `

SSH tunneling using an intermediary computer

SSH tunnel sandiwch? The proxy computer is the lunch meat.


8 minute read

tl;dr - I had to SSH tunnel with a proxy computer in the middle due to some weird ISP restrictions/regular OpenVPN not working properly for me. Basically the setup is to SSH tunnel from one machine to another, and run another tunnel on the proxy computer. I used this surprisingly low latency setup to run a SOCKS5 proxy that did the job. “Remote Port Forwarding” is what I was doing, and a super awesome blog post helped show me the way.`

Docker on Arch Linux - docker0 just doesn't seem to want it's IPv4 address

Recent instability running Docker on Arch -- docker0 just doesn't want to keep it's IPv4 address.


5 minute read

tl;dr - My setup of Docker on Arch Linux is having some issues, around docker0 not properly holding on to it’s IPV4 addresses (listed as inet in ip addr output). I originally though it was a problem with Alpine CDNs, but it was actually docker0 throwing up repeatedly. Short term work around I’ve found is to just create the missing link again, w/ sudo ip addr add dev docker0.


3 minute read

tldr; If you’re on arch, not all hope is lost when trying to deal with PDFs. pdfunite is out there for combining PDFs, Firefox is surprisingly helpful since is uses pdf.js, pdftk is there if you’re down with downloading the dependencies, convert is available for paring down scanned images, and ultimately, any software you can run on ubuntu can run on arch with a little docker.

Default docker settings on arch

What happens when you don't RTFM

2 minute read

RTFM. Seriously. The Arch Wiki is seriously one of the most informative wikis I’ve ever read, and has excellent guides. If I had read it closer, I would have avoided one problem I’m about to explain below.

Moving from catalyst/fglrx to amdgpu

A small (incomplete) guide on moving from catalyst/fglrx to AMDGPU


5 minute read

This is a post I wrote a while back, that also got cross-posted on a github issue, detailing my struggles replacing catalyst/fglrx with AMDGPU on arch linux. Thought I should leave a copy of it here, just in case Github dissappears one day. Note this post is basically a copy-pasta of the Github issue response (which is a copy pasta of what I wrote down).

systemd service that runs docker

Setting up a systemd service that runs a docker container


3 minute read

This post is one I wrote a while back but never published, as I’ve found some free time now, I’m going through and putting together posts that I jotted down but never got to publishing.