SQLite Is threadsafe, parallel access safe, but I still want to extend it.

Some thoughts on Sqlite's thread safety, parallel access safety, and how I want to extend it


8 minute read

tl;dr - I’ve been doing a lot of work with SQLite lately, using it in one of my projects to try and test it’s limits before I moved to something like Postgres. I wanted to scale the API up and after ensuring that SQLite was thread safe and parallel access safe, I tried but was limited by shared file system mode limitations of my platform (kubernetes). This post details some prior art (rqlite, dqlite) and what I want to make for distributing SQLite, which is expressly not what SQLite…

Running a Database on Kubernetes

Getting a database up and running on Kubernetes


17 minute read

tl;dr - I thought I needed PersistentVolumes but I don’t (I do go through how to use/activate them though), they solve a different problem. All I needed was the combination of a Volume + StatefulSet + Node Affinity + Service in order to get my database running on a single node consistently, and accessible through DNS. I also go through setting up High Availability (HA)/clustered RethinkDB but it’s probably wrong/not axiomatic Kubernetes so check out the section on why I think…