Continuous Integration To Continous Delivery Haskell Project With Gitlab

Adding Continuous Delivery (CD) to my Gitlab-powered CI setup for my job board Haskell-powered web application


26 minute read

tl/dr; I added continuous delivery to my Haskell project (after working through adding CI). The setup is somewhat convoluted, but that’s more due to personal organizational preference. This posts rambles A LOT so feel forward to skip to the end, and check out the config files that made it happen. Here lie my notes from taking my infrastructure for a Haskell-powered application I’ve been working on from Continous Integration (CI) all the way to Continous Delivery (CD).

Zero To Continuous Integrated Testing A Haskell Project With Gitlab

Get up to speed with CI by standing on the shoulders of giants.


12 minute read

tl;dr I set up CI on my haskell project, it’s pretty easy if you keep calm and use Gitlab’s CI settings. I hit a few bumps in the road along the way, but you can skip to the end for the completed .gitlab-ci.yml Proselytizing for CI/CD While I don’t think many people need an explanation as to why CI is a good idea, here’s why I’m going for it. As far as I see it, good software engineering as it relates to operations is like a ladder, and here is a non-exhaustive list of rungs, with sophistication/goodness of engineering increasing as I go along:

Stop Worrying And Use Gitlab

Worried you (or your org) are not 'doing it right'? Get (or at least start following practices used by) Gitlab


6 minute read

tldr;instead of now installing/using JIRA, Trello, Github, Jenkins/TravisCI, and Teamcity, I can just install one thing – Gitlab, spend a little time configuring it, and be ready to take your development process to the next 5 levels (if you’re not already there) Gitlab 9.4 was just released and I’m pretty excited about it. A lot of stuff that Gitlab is doing is really showing that they value empowering developers and pushing ops in The Right Direction ™ – for me that means towards automating deployment, and getting smarter about how we ship and test.