Stop Using React

BSD + != F/OSS. Stop using React.


6 minute read

tl;dr The BSD + pattern is not F/OSS. Facebook is trying to goad you into entering a mutually assured destruction patent stalemate, but you don’t have nukes. They do. Stop using React, there are other better alternatives.


3 minute read

I very often use PureCSS because it’s a pretty reasonable “micro” CSS Framework and has some clean styling. There are lots of other options of course, like skeleton, but I generally find myself gravitating towards Pure for most projects. While working on projects of mine that use pure for styling though, I find myself adding some odds and ends to it, so I figured I might as well share:

Three month (coding) bootcamps are not enough

Three month coding bootcamps just aren't enough to properly learn and be productive with the trifecta of HTML/CSS/JS, nevermind the rest of the modern web stack.


9 minute read

DISCLAIMER: I have never been through a code school – I graduated from a 4 year university, had amazing professors, did terrible in some classes while learning a lot (and well in some classes while learning very little). I got an internship early on and got used to writing code for enterprise pretty early, and it eased my transition into the workforce immensely. How am then am I qualified to discuss coding bootcamps? I’m not, this piece is entirely opinion, built from what I’ve…