• Stop Worrying And Use Gitlab

    tldr;instead of now installing/using JIRA, Trello, Github, Jenkins/TravisCI, and Teamcity, I can just install one thing – Gitlab, spend a little time configuring it, and be ready to take your development process to the next 5 levels (if you’re not already there) Gitlab 9.4 was just released and I’m pretty excited about it. A lot of stuff that Gitlab is doing is really showing that they value empowering developers and pushing ops in The Right Direction ™ – for me that means towards automating deployment, and getting smarter about how we ship and test.

  • LetsEncrypt Systemd Recipes

    If you’re unfamiliar with Let’s Encrypt, it’s a project (I believe originally sponsored by the EFF) that creates a first of it’s kind free automated and open certificate authority. This means administrators who run websites can get free access to SSL certificates. In the past I’ve had to go to sites like StartSSL or purchase a certificate from my hosting provider (and of course, some still do), but Let’s Encrypt has been wonderful for me (I highly recommend donating to Let’s Encrypt).

  • Useful Boilerplate For PureCSS

    I very often use PureCSS because it’s a pretty reasonable “micro” CSS Framework and has some clean styling. There are lots of other options of course, like skeleton, but I generally find myself gravitating towards Pure for most projects. While working on projects of mine that use pure for styling though, I find myself adding some odds and ends to it, so I figured I might as well share: /******************/ /* Pure Overrides */ /******************/ .

  • Adding Cookie Based Auth To Servant

    One of the applications I’ve been working on exclusively lately is a surprisingly large Job Board application. Not the most exciting concept, I know, but it’s quickly becoming the culmination of some of the best development (and consequently “engineering”) work that I’ve ever done. The codebase is growing huge – 11,000+ lines counting both front and backend code, and while I haven’t gone on any large refactoring sprees, most of the code does not make me feel bad.

  • JS component-centric libraries and my rationale for considering MithrilJS

    JS component-centric libraries, and why I’m considering MithrilJS for some major work Recently I’ve picked up a contract that requires taking a relatively old server-side rendered codebase with some JS bolted on to a more “modern” front end javascript stack. As those who do front end will immediately notice, just the notion of a “modern” front end JS “stack” can mean so many things (when it probably shouldn’t). There is a plethora of approaches, libraries, frameworks, ideologies to be found on the front end (possibly representative of programming in any niche as a whole).

  • Working with PDFs on Arch linux

    Working with PDFs on arch linux tldr; If you’re on arch, not all hope is lost when trying to deal with PDFs. pdfunite is out there for combining PDFs, Firefox is surprisingly helpful since is uses pdf.js, pdftk is there if you’re down with downloading the dependencies, convert is available for paring down scanned images, and ultimately, any software you can run on ubuntu can run on arch with a little docker.

  • Getting started with servant, Part 2

    Getting started with servant, part 2 tldr; Use enter to inject database information, monads and monad transformers rear their ugly heads but not for long. Multi-part blog post alert This is a multi-part blog-post! Part 1 - Getting Started with servant Part 2 - Getting Started with servant, Part 2 What are the ways to pass database information into an application using servant? From what I can tell, there are 3 main approaches to getting the database management object (whatever that is) into the app:

  • Getting started with servant (Part 1)

    Getting started with Servant tldr; Haskell cool, Servant is awesome, and is a really interesting way to represent APIs in a way blessed by Haskell’s enormously powerful type system. Starting with it can be kind of difficult, but it’s a good kind of mind-bending. Multi-part blog post alert This is a multi-part blog-post! Part 1 - Getting Started with servant Part 2 - Getting Started with servant, Part 2 Background Recently I’ve been working on a project called The Start (Project now defunct), which is meant to be a job board targeting some niches job markets in Tokyo/Japan.

  • Three month (coding) bootcamps are not enough

    Three month coding bootcamps just aren’t enough to learn just frontend, nevermind the whole web stack DISCLAIMER: I have never been through a code school – I graduated from a 4 year university, had amazing professors, did terrible in some classes while learning a lot (and well in some classes while learning very little). I got an internship early on and got used to writing code for enterprise pretty early, and it eased my transition into the workforce immensely.

  • Spotify's 2017 web app redesign

    Spotify’s 2017 Redesign tldr; I love Spotify’s web app redesign, and while some features I did like are missing, they were not fully fleshed out so maybe Spotify is working on improvements before they return. I logged in to Spotify’s web app recently and noticed an all-new redesign of the site. Of course, as soon as I logged in I was prety taken aback, because the new design is very different from what existed before it, and took a second for my eyes to get adjusted to.

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