• Getting pycrypto and NodeJS crypto package to play together

    Recently on a project I’ve been working on, I’ve had to do some cross-programming language encryption. More specifically, I’ve had to encrypt data in Python with pycrypto (which is an excellent library), and decrypt that same data after sending it across the network in nodejs. Here’s what I got stuck on, and other random things that worked for me. If you’re trying to send the data just over the wire (ex.

  • Introducing Loltrove

    Recently I’ve been lazily working on a project I call “loltrove”. It’s taken me a long time to complete it (mostly because of lack of work), but I really wanted a chance to work on seeing how AngularJS and all the good ‘ol web technology I know and love could be used to create a semi-useful and possibly completely useless chrome extension. As browsers grow as a platform (and especially chrome), I think that extensions are extremely important, and getting my hands dirty writing one seemed like a good way to familiarize myself.

  • minor ursa + node-gyp issue

    So I’ve been struggling with an issue in node-gyp for the better part of an hour now, and have just found the solution. Context: Here I am, trying to install the ursa library for node to handle some crypto, and for some reason, installs of ursa were failing with an EACCES error (which I think maybe should be EACCESS, but I will ignore that for now). The errors were very vague, and it took me a lot of debugging to reach this conclusion, but nonetheless it was fun to modify node source code and get my hands dirty (I looked in files like child_process.

  • Debugging issues with Piwik

    I recently switched my logging from an external tool to a tool hosted on my server called Piwik. Piwik is a fantastic free tool designed to help perform some simple analytics (and possibly even complicated analytics) on visiting users. For the last few weeks, however, I have found that I was getting 0 tracking, no visits. And while most of the projects it’s up to are somewhat stale, it did not even track when I visited!

  • Usering in a new age of inter-program communication, with JSON?

    TLDR? Recently I’ve been watching a lot of talk,news, and videos about the various automation systems that we use in our attempts to make us better (at the very least more consistent) programmers. One thing I have repeatedly hit my head on is the virtue (yet klugyness) of the unrestricted system call. No matter which automation system you look at, it seems that to achieve utmost flexibility, unrestricted system calls are almost always included.

  • Powerline, Konsole, and Tmux

    If you’re using Konsole, fonts are a little hard to get situated correctly. Often Konsole shows you only a small subset of the fonts that are available on your system, so I wanted to write a little about how to figure out the Konsole font mess (well not really a mess, but a little difficult). So let’s start with powerline: Powerline Github I found the easiest way to install powerline was just to download the source and build with setup.

  • Pretty terminals for all

    Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the terminal. If I’m not watching some video from Conf2012/2013, I try to be in the terminal working on one of my more recent projects, loltrove. It’ll be ready to launch (it will be open source from launch!) very soon, and I have really enjoyed building it. It’s my first foray into chrome extensions (and hopefully if the product proves to be something people want more of, I will port to Firefox, Opera, and maybe even IE(?

  • Some small tips on WPA wifi setup on Linux

    I’ve recently gotten myself an odroid, and never quite have had time to work on it — however I have found that I do not really know anything about getting wifi to work on a clean linux install (one that doesn’t come with network-manager-gnome or any other handy GUI-based tools)… Here are some tips to show how I got through it. If your router is secured with WPA (which it should be) — you’ll need to read up on a program called wpa_supplicant.

  • Inserting users on a branch in RethinkDB

    If you’ve ever wondered how to insert a user (or any record really) on the condition that a user with a given property didn’t exist, here you go: (Note this is in ruby, as the latest project I’m working on is a Sinatra app ) inserted = r.branch(r.table(‘users’).filter({:username => username}).count().eq(0), r.table(‘users’).insert({:username => username, :email => email}), nil).run() It seems to be at least a LITTLE less race-condition prone than doing the check and acting on it.

  • Using my own product

    So today, I ran into a problem that I’m pretty surprised that I haven’t run into before. Using Org-Mode in Emacs, I was unable to use the keybinding for insert-heading to insert a new heading. The keybinding is M- but for some reason, when I pressed those magical keys, no new heading was created, just an indented newline. These changes lead me to making some modifications to the ~/.Xdefaults file in my home directory, which I thought would be the perfect thing to save up on configr.

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