• Switching from Mocha to Tape and testing E2E

    Switching from Mocha to Tape & testing E2E Before reading this post, it might make sense to check out my previous posts on the topic: Part 1 - Unit testing with JSPM, Mocha, and Vue.js Part 2 - More testing with JSPM, Mocha, and Vue.js Part 3 - Testing the DOM Part 4 - Switching from mocha to tape BONUS Want to see it all working? Check out the gitlab repo with a fully-built example

  • Testing DOM with Mocha, part 3

    Doing DOM-level tests with Mocha & VueJS (part 3…ish) Before reading this post, it might be helpful to check out my previous (or other) posts on the topic: Part 1 - Unit testing with JSPM, Mocha, and Vue.js Part 2 - More testing with JSPM, Mocha, and Vue.js Part 3 - Testing the DOM Part 4 - Switching from mocha to tape BONUS Want to see it all working?

  • Using dockerized Ghost with local SMTP

    Getting a dockerized instance of Ghost to use local SMTP When handling mail for a ghost instance, the official recommendation of the Ghost team is to use Mailgun. Since I have email set up on the server on which I’m running Ghost, despite the fact that Mailgun offers a pretty good free tier of services, it seems pretty extraneous/unnecessary to use mailgun just to send email from my own server.

  • Issues with Thunderbird and Dovecot

    Issues with TLS auth while Setting up Dovecot & Thunderbird Recently while doing some server-administration tasks (setting up the server, enabling email, TLS, etc) on a Ubuntu 14.04 system, I ran into some problems with dovecot. For some reason, no matter what I tried, I could not get Thunderbird to auto-configure properly with the newly stood up web server’s SMTP server (postfix + dovecot). Maybe interesting to note that I never really had these issues on Arch Linux servers that I mentain… maybe the starting documents/wiki is just that much better/more thorough.

  • more testing with jspm mocha and vuejs

    Testing with Mocha and JSPM (and SystemJS), continued So after messing with my testing set up for a while, I found that there was a little more setup required to get my components to test properly with mocha. tldr; some more setup is required to get the code in the previous blog post to work properly, check it out below: Multi-part blog post alert This is a multi-part blog-post!

  • Unit testing with JSPM (SystemJS), mocha and vue.js

    Testing with Mocha and JSPM (and SystemJS) While vue offers a decent starting point for testing in it’s guide, I found the guide a little lacking in actual how-to. Also, one of my favorite javascript testing tools is mocha, and the specifics on how to integrate it (or jspm for that matter) are not on the site. Of course, it’s not the vue.js team’s job to integrate everyone’s tooling with vue.

  • Using jspm, systemjs, and vuejs together

    Using JSPM, SystemJS, and Vue.JS together tldr; There isn’t much much vue-with-jspm support outside of the systemjs-plugin-vue, so I made a thing that compiles jspm templates from html files, and JSPM+VUE is really working for me. Also, Vue.JS is the view library people should recommend to beginners. Not React. Lots of words about JSPM It looks like jspm isn’t winning the mindshare of new JS developers these days. Though I’m not sure I can blame anyone for not having mindshare left to give, with the constant onslaught of new libraries, frameworks, doodads and what-have-yous that pop up from day to day.

  • Default docker settings on arch

    Default Docker settings on ArchLinux RTFM. Seriously. The Arch Wiki is seriously one of the most informative wikis I’ve ever read, and has excellent guides. If I had read it closer, I would have avoided one problem I’m about to explain below. Change the default filesystem While running on a VPS, I ran into problems deleting containers that were once functional when I was using the default devicemapper driver. The fix for this was simple (and also in the arch manual), and basically consisted of changing the default file system driver to overlayfs.

  • Moving from catalyst/fglrx to amdgpu

    Moving from catalyst/fglrx to AMDGPU This is a post I wrote a while back, that also got cross-posted on a github issue, detailing my struggles replacing catalyst/fglrx with AMDGPU on arch linux. Thought I should leave a copy of it here, just in case Github dissappears one day. Note this post is basically a copy-pasta of the Github issue response (which is a copy pasta of what I wrote down).

  • Moving to Hugo from Wordpress

    Moving from Hugo to Wordpress This post is one I wrote a while back but never published, as I’ve found some free time now, I’m going through and putting together posts that I jotted down but never got to publishing. tldr; I picked Hugo and used SchumacherFM/wordpress-to-hugo-exporter to transfer everything from my wordpress site. Picking a static site generator The blog you’re looking at right now (as of January 2017) is a staticly generated site generated with Hugo.

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