• Starting a new side project

    Figured I wanted to start doing some development in Rails today (my Ruby is certainly rusty, if it was ever sharp) — Starting a project that I thought of a long time ago, a SaaS that handles documentation storage. A real simple app, it will probably be useful to people only if it’s full of stuff (but that’s no problem, I know some sectors that would really appreciate something like this, car communities for example)

  • Konvention is a go?

    Going to post Konvention on a few sites and see if I can get some feedback! (If you Reddit has brought you here… lurk for a bit?) Hopefully, Konvention is something that’s useful to somebody at some time, but it’s been a blast working on it (which is essentially not documented anywhere – I have no Github repo), glad to finally get it out of my system. My labor of semi-internet-love.

  • Progress on Konvention

    As the first candidate for alpha, Konvention is coming along very very nicely. I made some updates to it today, worked out the contact form (considered just linking to this wordpress and installing the Contact-Form7 plugin, but thought better of it). It was really easy to finish that up with the Emailer plugin for Yii (no idea why I had problems with it before) After adding/updating some general site stuff as I saw it, I also implemented a naive text-based search for the front page (arguably the most important part of the app, but at this point I’m just going with a naive implementation, no desire to learn sphinx or anything right now) — And it works surprisingly well!

  • Konvention’s almost ready for an alpha

    After working on and off on this app for what’s got to be at least 5 or 6 months (which is definitely not a long time to work on an app, to tell the truth — a lot of quality apps were made in a lot longer), It looks like Konvention is finally almost ready to roll. Well, “roll” as in roll into the hands of the internet, and hopefully some users on stack overflow/hacker news/reddit that may like it.

  • Projects

    These projects are what keep me up at night (ordered by a weird mix of most-interesting & most-recent) Kindling An Reflux/React powered Tinder client for FirefoxOS Kindling was a project which was similar to Firegraph in that it was made to fix the fact that there was no Tinder web client or FirefoxOS app. Unfortunately, before the app could be reviewed and put on the app store, devleopment on FirefoxOS ceased.

  • Hello world!

    I’m sure just about every programming-related site/blog/whatever starts with this, and maybe there’s a reason for it. With that almost-disclaimer out of the way, it’s great to finally have a good homepage up for the world to see. As I start launching and working on various projects, I’m sure (and hope) that many will wonder things like “who wrote this magnificent code?”, or “who built this useful tool?”, and that is what this site is for.

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